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 Little Legends and Me

About Us

Dobi Dragon, Busta Bigfoot, and Bo Bigfoot are all great friends.


They are all 5, 6 and 7 years old respectively.


They are what you may think are mythical creatures. But we know them as the Little Legends.


They come together to play in The Cave. They especially come to play music, dance and sing.


Their messages are to embrace and celebrate their cultural and physical differences and look after the environment.


They teach one another through song, dance, laughter, humour, mistakes, and difference.


Let's join them (that's You and Me)  and explore the world together.


Little Legends and Me want to stimulate, teach and engage children with:


Early Education: introducing concepts, words, images, and colours.


Interactive: Practicing motor skills, creativity, asking questions and decision making.


Music, Song, and Stories: Fun, interesting storylines with positive messages and social foundations.


Little Legends and Me also want to give parents points of interest and facts to help them understand their child's


development (News from the Cave is for you).


Come and be a Little Legend Too.

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