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Meet the Little Legends


Dobi Dragon

Hello, my name is Dobi Dragon. I am 5 years old.


I like to read and write stories. I also like to make art.


The special thing I can do is fly.



My friends say that I am adventurous and loud.


I am learning to play the drum and I also like to rhyme.


I want to take care of the earth and I think what can I do. I think "stopping pollution is our solution"


Right O .... I'd love it if you'd come to play

....Woop Woop Woop.



Bo Bunyip

Hey there, my name is Bo Bunyip. I am six years old.


I like to collect things. I also enjoy creating and inventing. Cooking is cool too.


My special talent is swimming. I could swim for hours.


My friends describe me as kind and messy.


I am learning to play the ukelele, it takes a lot of practice.


I love to swim in the ocean, rivers, lakes, and billabongs. I say "water that's clean and fresh is best."


Yay Hooray .... it's going to be fun ....

NeNa NeNa NeNa






Busta Bigfoot

Hi, my name is Busta Bigfoot. I am aged 7.


I enjoy planting seeds and seeing what I plant grow.


I have special talent, I can communicate with animals.


My friends told me I am funny and honest.


I am learning to play the keyboard and I love to dance.


I love the forest and I especially want to care for trees. I say "Trees give us air so we should care."


Wow Wee happy to be here...

Ring Ring Ring. 



Introducing a new Little Legend Friend

Coming ...

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