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Gifts Created with Love 

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With every product purchased from the LL&M Gift Shop (this website), a percentage of profits will go to our supported charities. Or alternatively please donate below via Paypal. Thank you for making a purchase and difference.

Donate and Smile

Unfortunately many children in our world, face severe health issues and/or difficult socio-economic challenges with no fault of their own. At its core Little Legends and Me, wants to give children a smile on their faces and also in their hearts. Early learning through love, acceptance, and compassion is our aim. We choose to support organisations that share this focus and are making a difference in these children's lives. 


The Starlight Children's Foundation Australia and Bear Cottage Children's Hospice NSW are organisations that give families a bit of sunshine, sparkle, support, dignity, and love in very tough situations. They making a difference in children's lives and their family's. Please if you can, smile and donate.


Starlight Children's Foundation Australia


Bear Cottage Children's Hospice NSW Australia



Thank you for making a difference. 

Donate to Bear Cottage Children's Hospice
Donate to Starlight Children's Foundation
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